Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Day Challenge

Ok so 7 days ago I started this 30 day challenge I came across on Pinterest. It's from Body Rock.TV what it is, is 5 workouts with 2 rest days each week for 30 days. I'm finding it really easy to stick to because the workouts aren't very long at all. They are pretty intense but they don't take up too much of your time which makes it super easy to keep with it. A lot of the workouts are only 12 minutes, some are timed so they may take you a bit longer but no more than 20 minutes. I measured/weighted myself before I started and will measure/weight myself when I'm done to see if there's been any change. I will post both measurements and weights on here after the 30 days (I'm not really doing this to lose weight but rather to tone up)
On the first day you do a 'fit test' and recored your score and you do it again later on to see how much you have improved. Check out how you do it here

Here are my scores

Squat Jump - 30
Push-ups - 20 (girl push-ups)
Burpees - 12
High Knees - 40 (or 80 if you count every knee)
Switch Lunges - 25
Tuck Jumps - 18
Straight Abs - 20

So Head over to Body Rock.TV  to do it too.

Wish me luck!

~ Christine

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