Thursday, February 28, 2013

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A blog about a full time mom with a full time job. Recipes, photography, crafts, DIY, random babble, my thoughts and opinions.  

Hi there!  I'm Sarah.  I write a blog called Sew Darn Thrifty to document my adventures in rediscovering my first love - domesticity.  I am learning to fall in love with my life all over again and I write about everything from adventures in thrifting, recipes, canning, home decor, gardening craft projects, and more! I believe every day is a chance to learn something new and create something - even if it's just trying out a new recipe and making some delicious cupcakes!

 Hello! I am Brittany Michelle, former hairstylist and makeup artist turned business owner, blogger and housewife in training. You can currently find me sharing way too many details about myself at The Sapphire Bee Blog and running The Sapphire Bee boutique where I create fun and quirky accessories from hand. I live just outside San Francisco in Northern California's Bay Area with my musician boyfriend. When I am not blogging or crafting you can find me in the kitchen whipping up somepinteresting treats or traveling the world! I love making new friends so I hope you will stop by and say hi! 

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 Hello! I'm Chelsea, I blog over at Life Unpublished. I like to blog about my life and share things that interest/inspire me. If I am not on the internet blogging or learning something new, I'm probably either reading or taking photos with my iPhone! I love making new friends, so stop by my little piece of the internet and say hi! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Large Sponsor Spotlight

Today I would like to introduce you to some of the ladies that have been hanging out on my sidebar this month. Stop in and say hi to them I know they would love you to :)

I'm a 25-year-old mama, lawyer, and expat who recently moved from Hawaii to Tanzania. I blog about motherhood, traveling, fitness, and everything else in between.

Hi there! I'm Eliza, and I'm the voice behind Case Study - a lifestyle blog that focuses on my love of brunch, stripes, and quirky homemaking. I'm in the process of opening an online shop that I couldn't be more excited about. It launches this Friday! I hope you'll come by my blog and say hello :) xoxo

I'm a wife, a mother, and a career woman, who is growing up one day at a time. I lead a dysfunctional, sometimes normal, always crazy, full of love, extremely interesting life. What more could I ask for?
I have a degree in Information Technology and I'm currently serving in the role of Release Engineer for a large communications company.  Previously, I've worked for several IT departments in some very large brokerage firms.  I am a non-practicing licensed investment broker.  I am an area manager for Jewels By Park Lane, an awesome direct sales company that sells designer inspired jewelry.  I am motivated.  I am goal driven.  I am a go-getter.  I am determined. I am successful.
I blog about whatever comes to mind at the time, rants, raves, opinions, questions, photos, and fun times.  Check me out!!

 Hey there! I am Lesley from The Dream Tree where I write about anything and everything.  More or less it's a mish-mash of my life & dreams, mixed with tasty recipes, hair & makeup ideas, quick & easy projects, and realizing that this life is beautiful, but a short one.  

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