Friday, August 31, 2012


Yesterday my fiance and I scratched one thing off of our to do this summer list and that was go to the Zoo. We didn't get to go to the Toronto Zoo, which is the big Zoo but we went to a smaller one that's about 20 minutes north of us. This Zoo doesn't have all of the animals that the Toronto Zoo does (like polar bears, or any bears) but it was fun none the less. I like it here because you get to see the animals a lot closer and you can go right into the goat pen to feed and pet them (my favourite part). Some of our pictures didn't turn out that well because for some reason I have the hardest time taking a non blurry picture with my little digital camera. I'm a little bummed that our nikon wasn't working for this trip to the zoo but I guess we'll just have to go back when it is.
Over all yesterday was a totally awesome day! We did the Zoo, had lunch and some drinks on a patio, spent an hour in Chapters, took the dogs for a walk at the water front, and finished the night with a lovely little BBQ. It's not that often that Steve and I get to spend the whole day together without work or school so we like to take advantage of the days that we do and I'd say we did a pretty good job of that yesterday.

What's your favourite animal to see at the Zoo? What do you like to do with your days off?

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

                                                                    Source: via Christine on Pinterest

                                                                            Source: Uploaded by user via Christine on Pinterest

                                                                 Source: via Christine on Pinterest

                                                                            Source: via Christine on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: via Christine on Pinterest

                                                                          Source: via Christine on Pinterest

Today I'm linking up over at The Vintage Apple for Oh, how Pinteresting. I thought I'd do a summer themed post today as a reminder that summer isn't quite over yet :)

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Reese

Happy Birthday Reese!! Reese is 3 years old today and I can't believe how fast time has gone. We got Reese after taking a trip to Scotland where we spend most of our travelling time read books about dogs (mostly books by Ceser Millan) We already had a dog at the time, a yellow lab named Maverick who has since passed away ( we miss you Mav ) We thought it would be an awesome idea for Mav to have a friend but also knew it was a crazy idea as 2 dogs would be a lot of work. We started to looking at puppies with no real intention of getting one, I know I know obviously you're going to end up with a puppy if you go look at them because lets get real how can you not after you see them. We found a lady that lived in our town who's  dog had just had a litter of rottweiler puppies so we called her up and went to go see them. Needless to say that was it for us and we decided right then that we were getting one. We brought Reese home at 5 weeks, which is a little earlier but we were so stoked.

It's so hard to believe she was so little at one point. In the top right picture that's her sleeping in the cats bed, which she claimed as her own for a while and that's Mav napping with her. I am very happy we got her when we did because Maverick, who was 10 at the time was a big help with training her. She was only a year old when Mav passed and as hard as it was for us to deal with I couldn't even imagine how much harder it would have been to come home to a house without a dog at all. We decided not to get another dog for a while after Mav so Reese has been on her own with us until recently. In February of this year we adopted a shepherd mix from the OSPCA so she now had a little brother.

Do you have any pets?
Hope you all have a good weekend!! They are called for super nice weather here this weekend :) We have a wedding tomorrow and my mom's birthday on Sunday so it'll be a busy weekend here.
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

For Those Cozy Fall Days

It's been a little cool around here lately and it's had me thinking about those cool fall days. I love wrapping myself in a big cozy blanket, wearing oversized scarves, boots, knitted socks and sipping on a nice cup of anything hot, a pumpkin spice latte maybe ;). Don't get me wrong I do LOVE summer and I am still hoping there's more then a few nice hot days left to come.


 Are you looking forward to fall? Do you live somewhere that you get all four seasons like we do here in Canada? What is your favourite season?

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Sponsor Spotlight

Today I'd like to introduce you to some of the lovely ladies that have been hanging out on my side bar this month. Stop on in and check them out, you'll be happy you did.

Hi there Mavy May readers! I'm Lindsay and I blog over at The Lovely Things Are. I'm a 21 year old college student in Missouri. I'm a native Texan, but spend most of my year studying Advertising at school. The Lovely Things Are is my personal lifestyle blog where I share stories about my life, lots of photos, designs, and my dreams for my future. I hoe you'll stop by and say hello! :)

Hey all!! My name is Danielle and I'm a wife from Ohio. I love all things crafty, my husband, and God. We have one baby and his name is Quincey Kitty. At The Life of an "Ordinary" Wife, I blog about all those, life, crafting, friends, and God.

Hello! I'm Ameryn, I blog over at oh so nifty. I am a {currently unemployed} interior designer {more time to blog, right?}, maker of awesome things, transitioning beach bum, and wife to my very handsome husband! You'll find just about anything over in my little corner of the interweb, because I pretty much share whatever is on my mind. Whether it's about food, fashion, home decor or just ridiculously cute pictures of my pets! I recently just picked up and moved 6 hours from 'home' and am now trying to figure out what to do with this fresh start! Today I'm playing housewife, tomorrow I could be starting a new business... we'll see what happens! You should come by and follow along on my adventure, it'll be fun.

I'm Tara, a twenty-something, sale-seeking, coupon clipping, vegetarian, living in New Jersey with my 2 cats, dog, and boyfriend (The Scot). Like a proper New Jerseyan I love Bon Jovi and pizza and like a proper crazy cat lady I am a sucker for animals.  My blog is my outlet where I unleash my fashion sense and humor on the world.  My dog is a terrible fashion critic because she thinks I look good in everything and my cats were getting really tired of me telling them the same stories over and over.  And well, the boyfriend was worried I was talking to my cats and dog all the time.  If the promise of tons of cat pictures doesn't entice you into visiting my blog, I can tell you where all the good sales are and show you how to get shampoo and makeup for $1 with coupon magic.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sponsor Call

Interested in Sponsoring Mavy May Designs For the month of September? I have two sizes for sponsor spots, large and small. I have 6 spots for large ads and 10 spots for small ads. I am currently offering both size spot for free or if you are interested in swapping I would love to swap with you.

Large 200x200

 Small 200x100

If you are interested in a spot for September please email me at and let me know which size spot you are interested in. All spots are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ideas and Inspiration

I've been searching through pinterest lately to find ideas for setting up and decorating for the BBQ we will be hosting in Septmber. I'm really liking the mason jars with wild flowers and also using the mason jars for lighting.


Have you ever hosted a large party at your place? If so how did it turn out? Do you have any advise?
Happy Thursday!!!!

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