Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ideas and Inspiration

I've been searching through pinterest lately to find ideas for setting up and decorating for the BBQ we will be hosting in Septmber. I'm really liking the mason jars with wild flowers and also using the mason jars for lighting.


Have you ever hosted a large party at your place? If so how did it turn out? Do you have any advise?
Happy Thursday!!!!


Sadie Dear said...

I host all our family holiday gatherings at my house. I like to do something interactive for everyone to participate in. For example, last Thanksgiving, I gave everyone paper cutouts that looked like fall leaves and asked them to write what they were thankful for on the leaves. Then, we hung them up on a clothesline in the big doorway for everyone to look at. The idea was a hit, and kept everyone talking all evening!

Katy Dobinson said...

I want to have a picnic now & fill my garden with tea lights and bunting after this post! x

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