Thursday, August 9, 2012


Life around here lately has been pretty hectic. We have finallly booked our resort for the wedding and everyone coming is all booked as well. I found a dress!!! What a relief.. and found dresses for the girls. We are now planning a pre-wedding BBQ in Sept for our friends and family that aren't able to make it away with us. I have to say I'm pretty excited for this and a little over whelmed at the same time. I was thinking there was nothing to planning a backyard BBQ until I sent out the invites and realized I had just invited over 100 people to my house :s Fortunately I have super amazing friends and they have helped me out huge. My one friend has pretty much taken control (not in a bad way) and has organized everything for me. She even made me up a spread sheet with everything I need and how much it will cost, so basically all I have to do is head to the store and pick up whatever we need. I am so grateful to all my friends who are more then eagar to help me out in anyway they can. I would be so last without them. I feel like everything is starting to come together and what a good feeling that is.

I have also recently and by recently I mean today, decided to give up ice cream, chips and french fries for a while. I know it sounds crazy but I litereally eat ice cream every single day and I think it's time for a break. As for the chips and fries, they are also two things I have a little too often and it's time to start replacing them with food that is actually good for my body. Wish me luck with this, I am going to need it. Just looking at this picture of ice cream is making me want it. What is your favourite junk food? Do you think you'd be able to give it up?

Well that's all that has been happening around here lately. What have you been up to?
Happy Thursday!!


Michaela {au naturel design} said...

I'm glad everything's coming together for the wedding. I definitely give in more than I should to tempting foods. If I'm on my own I have great discipline because I just avoid things but when I'm out with friends and they're all eating junk it's a lot harder to stand my ground. Healthy can definitely be tasty too. Good luck!

Hi, I'm Natalie said...

Once this baby makes an appearance I will be jumping on the healthy diet band wagon with extra gusto! Nothing like a wedding for motivation - especially your own :)

Thanks for co-hosting the wednesday link up

Natalie x

RaNaeLuvsEwes said...

Hi Christine- wow that is alot going on so glad it's all coming together looking forward to the pictures. My junk food is well bread - white flour bread I could eat it and eat it so I have stopped keeping it in the house regularly- instead we have flax seed and whole wheat tortillas in the house regularly and a can or two of biscuits in the fridge- low fat kind-more than likely whole wheat- but I can't just grab them and stuff them in my mouth I have to take the time to bake them - so I don't I just save them for recipes.

I used to eat a lot of ice cream I love it- now I just get it out a couple times a month.
I hope you receive the benefits your looking for from the changes your making I know I have.
Sending good thoughts your way

Niki said...

Wow it does sound like you have everything coming together nicely! Congratulations on finding your dress!!!! That so exciting!

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