Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favourites

1. Fruity alcoholic drinks! When the weather is nice all I wanna do is sit by the water and drink drinks like this. It reminds of being on an all inclusive vacation ahhhhh.

2. VW Bus is my dream vehicle. I like that they are campers also. I would love to do a road trip in one of these vans.

3. I've been seeing these chalkboard stickers around a lot lately and love them. I am going to attempt to make them for my fianc├ęs 30th birthday party this weekend. I'll let you know how that goes next week :)

4. I was read this post last Friday and it reminded me of something else I had seen. I love this dog/cat diary. I am both a dog and cat owner and I think this is so funny and so true.

5. I have recently found Coconut oil. I use it for almost everything, from lotion to cooking to putting it in my smoothies. Coconut oil has so many health benefits it's crazy.

 I know for some of you this weekend is a long weekend, do you have any plans? I'm excited for this weekend because I actually have it off and we are having a get together on Saturday.
Have a great weekend!


Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

thanks for linking up!
heck yessss to fruity drinks!
and I always picture my dog saying "This is my FAVORITE THING" even though he eats the same thing every day... kibble!

Joy said...

VW bus is definitely my dream vehicle too! I saw one for sale but didn't have the eight grand to pay for it, and it nearly crushed my heart. Ok slight overreaction but you understand the general idea. Great post, and nice blog!

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