Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Photos

This weekend seemed extremely long. Friday I helped my parents move and it rained all day. I think that's why it felt so long, because Friday felt like 2 days it's self. Sunday I went to a bridal shower, which was a lot of fun. I'm really excited for today because I am going to see my friend and her new born baby girl! I can't wait to meet her. Now some photos from the weekend.

1. Reese and Waylon waiting for their dinner. 2. Making some earrings for the shop.
3. I'm pretty sure after 4 months my blackberry is working again :) 4. Delicious favours from the bridal shower (the only picture I took) 5. Some new rings. 6. Mr.Tail (aka Waylon) checking 
out the camera 7. Playing around with some bracelet ideas. 8. Tiger 12 
9. Perogies for dinner last night 

How was your weekend? 
Happy Monday!!!

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