Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five For Friday

1. Took my cousin to Rawlicious for her birthday lunch, SO good!
2. My niece and I with her new sunglasses like her aunties
3. Renewed my passport yesterday. I'm traveling in January and my passport expires in March BUT I can't use it with in 6 months of the expiry date so then technically it expires in October. Why isn't the expiry date the actually expiry date!? Is it the same for other counties also?
4. My Niece again, she loves having her picture taken.
5. My pumpkin :) I can't wait to carve this thing. I grabbed a couple free carving stencils and now to decide which to go with.

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Do you have any plans for the weekend?
Happy Friday!


Elizabeth Benfield said...

your niece is too cute! also that is a pretty pumpkin you got there. its very round. cant wait to see what stencil you decide on. #h54f

Marie-Eve said...

I think the 6 month rule depends on the contry you're going to ! Have a nice trip !Love those pics ! You have a nice blog, and I'm always happy to deiscover a new canadian blogger !
Come on my blog and say hi ! I have a great giveaway going on !
My Blog - A Pretty Nest

Jovana {TasteofAugust} said...

I too am a Canadian blogger! Very rare to find a Canadian blogger (I have only ever stumbled upon one other one!). Found you through the GYB Blog Hop. Am a new follower and would love if you follow back :)

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